At Kingdom Force Academy, we’re all about unlocking student potential with our innovative and award-winning STEAM-H education. Your student can engage in hands-on learning, ignite curiosity, create friendships, and develop leadership skills for a lifetime of success.

The KFA Way

Our nationally acclaimed and award-winning programs empower middle and high school students to explore, investigate, and innovate through collaborative learning experiences, helping them reach their full potential for a lifetime of success.

The Goal

Students will advance as instructors encourage their academic curiosity and help them develop character, self-confidence, and essential life skills. Through a rigorous academic curriculum, students will discover their purpose and expand their horizons to explore how they can positively impact our ever-changing world.

The Classroom

Immersed in an intellectually stimulating and supportive environment, students wholeheartedly engage with STEAM-H, unlocking their true potential. Through dynamic tasks and guidance from dedicated educators, they develop critical thinking, creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, empowering them to articulate their ideas with confidence and expand their horizons.

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At Kingdom Force Academy, we believe in innovation and creating a model of education that...

Middle School

As teachers that have taught in middle school, we have personally seen where students struggle ...

High School

Before graduation, grades 9 - 12 are some of the most critical years in their secondary education.
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